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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Local Session Snooping in PHP

Local session snooping is not as much a security issue as a way of gathering information from an already compromised web application. Unless it is a badly configured shared host where an attacker might gather otherwise unobtainable information. It's basically about extracting all the information a web application stored in the super global $_SESSION variable.

Nevertheless, it is easy. The one thing needed is a session id (the value of the PHPSESSID cookie). If the host uses PHP's default session handler, these could easily be enumerated as in the POC further down in this post.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Local Session Hijacking in PHP

Recently I discovered that the shared hosting provider I sometimes use is susceptible to this age-old technique that everyone really should know about by now.

PHP's default session handler stores session data in files. And by default these files are placed in /tmp. In a shared enviroment session files should never be placed in a directory that can be read by a malicious local user like the world readable /tmp directory.