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Friday, July 29, 2011

Encrypt.se New Feature: Key exchange

Encrypt.se is a small tool that helps anyone to easily send encrypted messages. There is no registration, no cookies, no hassle.
Read more about it in this previous post: http://ha.xxor.se/2011/07/encryptse-beta-open-for-public.html

The Key Exchange feature enables users of Encrypt.se to communicate their secret crypto key to their friends over the phone, even if someone might be listening.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

phpMyAdmin 3.x Swekey RCI Exploit

Someone else submitted a working python exploit to exploit-db. It's already out there so I might as well publish my original exploit written in PHP.
2011-07-20 - Fixed some bugs in the exploit.

Download here

Friday, July 8, 2011

Encrypt.se Beta open for the public

Encrypt is a small project of mine with it's first stable beta recently opened up for public access. The goal has been to create an encryption tool for shorter messages, which is as secure as possible, yet simple to use.

Click here to visit Encrypt.se

phpMyAdmin 3.x preg_replace RCE POC

I'm flooded with requests for a POC and many doubt that these vulnerabilities are exploitable. And since this vulnerability is rather technically interesting I believe many could learn from it.

The POC uses the session manipulation vulnerability in combination with the remote code execution in preg_replace as detailed in my last blogpost. It will only confirm if the instance is exploitable or not and you need to have valid credentials to the database. Use responsibly.

Download here

Edit:As 0x6a616d6573 reminded me of, blogger removes "%00" if not carefully encoded. The code posted where messed up due to this. (The downloadable file where still fine)
Now it's fixed. I also added the "//" as suggested.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

phpMyAdmin 3.x Multiple Remote Code Executions

This post details a few interesting vulnerabilities I found while relaxing and reading the sourcecode of phpMyAdmin. My original advisory can be found here.