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Friday, July 8, 2011

Encrypt.se Beta open for the public

Encrypt is a small project of mine with it's first stable beta recently opened up for public access. The goal has been to create an encryption tool for shorter messages, which is as secure as possible, yet simple to use.

Click here to visit Encrypt.se

Basic usage

Regardless of your computer skills, the encryption tool is simple to use. The basic usage is described below, in three steps:
  1. The sender encrypts a small message using a key phrase and receives a short URL/link.
  2. The sender transmits this URL to the recipient.
  3. The recipient visits the URL and decrypts the message with the key phrase.

Main Features

  • Strong encryption
    256-bit AES in CTR mode.
  • Supports smartphones
    Encrypt.se uses a compact scaling design that is pleasant to browse on both smartphones as well as regular monitors.
  • Local encryption
    The encryption and decryption is done locally in the browser using JavaScript. Your unencrypted message never leaves your computer, and therefor can't even be read by me.
  • Supporting non-JavaScript users
    If JavaScript is disabled the application transmits the message over an SSL encrypted connection to my server that encrypts it.
  • Unicode support
    Encrypt.se addresses everyone, and therefor supports Unicode to allow the use of foreign characters.

Planned Features

  • Key exchange
    This is a feature under development. It ensures that no one can get a hold of your key phrase, even sent over an insecure channel where someone may be monitoring your communications.
  • Encrypted Chat
    This is a feature under development.